Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's New! It's Here! It's Now! Two Thousand and Nine!!!

Happy New Year Folks!!

How ya doing? Fine, I hope. Didn't party too hard didya?? Good.

So, I like this time of year. You know, the giddy anticipation of a new start that everyone seems to grab and hold onto. Kinda, things were messy, crazy, crappy, weird, strange, hard and painful last year. BUUUUTT, now I have this fresh start. I have this opportunity to make sure that everything goes my way, that everything is positive. If I just do this and this and this and should be a great year!!!

While I love this outlook, the innocence of that view. It's not necessarily the best one to have. Granted I do the same thing, have done the same thing for many years, in looking forward to the possibility of starting out fresh in a new year (ya know because I majorly screwed up my plan for 2008 way back in March, soooo ya know, gotta wait out the rest of the year to fix it..LOL). But as I sit here and type out this post, my Lord has given me a small revelation. One that I am sure is not so uncommon and others have heard before.

Every DAY is a new start.

Yeah, I said it. Every day. Not just for a new year because maybe that's just too broad of a goal to try and start out a new YEAR in changing how you think, feel and do things. Well maybe for me anyway. I balk at structure (yeah I know, I'm adult, I should know better).

But if I started just concentrating on one day at a time. To change something that I did yesterday that maybe isn't going to end up on Jesus' "cool" list. :-)

Then maybe, just maybe....

2009 will be one of my best years ever...

I pray that yours will be too.

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