Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calming the Frustrated Fingers of Fate

So, I'm wanting to start writing on a regular basis again. There's just one problem, I'm blocked. No no no!! Not like that (don't start sending me Bran Flakes). Writer's Block. It seems that every time I "prepare" to write something, nothing interesting pops into my head. Wait, that's not necessarily true. I have started to type in my little blank Word screen and then stop, blinking at the words and thinking how trivial they sound. I dunno, maybe it's the pressure that I put upon myself. I mean, how many times someone has described a scene or feeling or situation in the course of all of history!?? Right?? Then I how in the world can my insignificant self make those things sound infinitely cooler so that someone would want to read them??!!

I have even utilized the technology that is offered to us, searching the interwebs for writing prompts to help my muse. Apparently she/he must be busy with their twitter page because I still ain't gettin' squat. Remind me to google "replacing your muse" later.

Maybe in a weird sort of way, I have found the subject of my first blog post in a long while. Being frustrated. I do want to write. I want to write funny things. I want to write things that will make you feel. I want to write things that may even make you think. But I become frustrated, with my attention deficit disorder.....................wait, what was I doing?.......oh yeah, and my evil battle with procrasti. (NO!! I will not give in!!!), that I will once again, give up. The more I think about it, maybe it's not about frustration in finding things to write about but the frustration of giving up and not trying, which is something I do and have often done in my life.

I believe in my heart that writing is something I am supposed to do. So, in my roundabout way of psychoanalyzing myself, I have to become diligent about fighting that frustration, keeping my muse happy, and create some awesome stuff to read.

Holy Freud, didja see what I just done did there??? *giggles*