Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Crush on the man from Blue Springs, MO

david cook">So yes I am blogging about American Idol. Yes I like to watch the show. No you don't have to read this...there are other blogs. *smiles sweetly*. So anyway, I have picked this guy to win since the very beginning. I don't think I've done that with any of the other AI shows. Usually I pick a couple of favorites and just wait to see what happens. But this guy here...this guy...*sighs*...won me over during hollywood week. There was something about his presence and his voice that just made!! Even on his off times he still impressed me, go figure. Yeah Yeah so I am *cough cough* older and married and have a son that is 8 years younger than him. so what??? I can look and appreciate talent when I see and hear it, right?? Right???!! oh go away...:-P

Not to say that the other David isn't good. He is..I liked his voice too. Just didn't think he was versatile enough for anyone to want to buy his music. He's all ballad, that's it. But there is no denying that Archuleta is a powerhouse!!! Good luck to him...he'll get a contract because he's now gotten the AI exposure.

Side note: That Amanda chick looked like she was soooo unhappy to be there. How she made it to the final 12 is beyond me. Alexandrea Lushington should have been. *wink wink* to the hometown girl.....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

stuffed to the gills

late lunch of a huge Jersey Mike's roast beef sub due to boss taking his lunch first, waiting in line for gas, waiting in line for stamps...thank God there was no line for the sandwich.

So I frequent this particular post office on a regular basis being that it's near my work and that's mainly why I go in. This place is always always very busy but yet every time you go in there is only one or two people working. It is on rare occasion that three people have a window open. What irks me is hearing people complaining while standing in line about why it takes so long. Unfortunately I have complained myself but to my boss in our office...NOT loudly while standing in line for the postal workers to hear. What these "customers" do not understand is that these people working the front line have no control over how many people work the front's management that makes these people stand there for almost 12 hours straight and work, dealing with these people that want to complain. I don't know what they are paid but it's probably not enough. Anyone in customer service will probably sound out with an AMEN on that one. Matter of fact a gentleman said in line today that customer service should be paid on a numerical based system...such as you served x number of people today then you get paid x number of dollars per person and that he believed that that is what would make things more efficient and speedy. I looked at him and said no you wouldn't want to do that. Because then customer service would go right out the window...those working that format would bust a hump with no care at all as to your issue or relevancy. shove shove shove let's go let's go I gotta quota to attain here!!!

But see the bad thing about customer service now a cares anymore. On either side of the counter!! get me???

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My cautious baby step into the world of blogging

well here I go.....ooop oooop...I think I can do it. It's alittle wobbly. Maybe I need something to hold on to? Hopefully eventually some other experienced bloggers will come see me, come put their hands in mine and lead me for alittle while. who knows?

I read blogs all the time. Well, I read three specific ones every day.

Occasionally I will read others, if I am really really really bored at work (yes this topic will be broached in another blog REAL soon).

It's actually inspiring to read these blogs for the most part. To look inside another person's world and see that they have the same issues, wishes, cares, hopes, troubles, rants, pet peeves, you do.

Hopefully with my baby steps and as the time grows long, I too will be able to inspire. but baby steps steps.