Thursday, February 12, 2009

The other man....

Hey baby boy,

Took you forever to get here. You came out lookin' alittle smurf blue. But all is good.

What? They call this colic. Oh my gosh, just kill me right now!! 2am drives around the city is just what I need.

Who is this smilin' sweet boy who greets me with a grin every morning? Cause you can't be the same baby that demanded relief of a gassey stomach a month ago...

Bud, ya gotta stop gruntin' everytime you want something. Use words!

Stop eating the dog food.

Yes, Power Rangers and Barney is the bomb! *bangs head on wall*

Can you just be quiet for just a little while?? The talking a mile a minute is giving mommy a headache.

Hey Little Man,

Starting kindergarten already. Look at you posing by the car while I take your picture, waving at me all excited about big kid school. No tears? You walked right in. Momma tears in the car.

Focus Ryan Focus...please just do your homework!

Middle School and hormones...what?...what I'm not ready for that yet. Wow! You are growing up so fast. You like to draw? ok...keep it up.

Focus Ryan Focus...please just do your homework!

High as a teenager...this is just crazy. Didn't I just bring you home from the hospital the other day?

I don't know why you did what you did. That was not good. But we'll get through it. I am here for you always eventhough my heart is breaking.

Focus Ryan Focus...please just do your homework!

My goodness, your art! You are getting so good...refining your craft. I am so proud.

Graduate??? yes...that would be great!


Hey my first born,

You made me a momma. You are forever my first valentine. :-) I cannot wait to see what more lies in store for you as you go into adulthood.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine bloggy carnival

Forgot to mention that I am taking part in this:


We are that family.

Go partake and read other Luuuuuuvvvv stories! :-)

My Love

You - a single guy at 27, telling your mother that she may never have grandchildren and that you've given up on finding anyone to share your life with.

You - coming to work one day to find a newly hired receptionist. Who almost didn't get the job because she was late getting to the interview, but because the President and Vice President LOVED her personality, she was hired.

You - giving her attention, showing you genuinely cared about what she was talking about. And wasn't bothered by the fact that she already had a 9 month old son.

You - who wrote her love letters and stuck them under her desk calendar so she would have something to read every morning when she came into work.

You - who told her that you wouldn't persue an intimate relationship with her until she was absolutely and positively sure that she was in love with you. Although you were already in love with her.

You - who wanted to marry this girl and be a daddy to a son that wasn't biologically yours.

You - who didn't freak out (too much) when she found out she was pregnant again. 22 months apart isn't so bad. :-)

You - who sticks by her side even when she doesn't listen to you about spending money.

You - who loved her when she looked like a bald, hairless 10 year old girl because of the chemo.

You - who still thinks she is sexy despite the loss of her left breast. (and being overweight)

You - who thinks he's the one blessed with a wonderful wife but really it's the other way around.

You- who doesn't mind that his wife goes off with friends for a night or a weekend.

You - who hugs and kisses her every chance he has.

You - who tells his wife "I love you" all the time.


ME - a woman who cannot fathom her world without you.