Monday, November 17, 2008

Ok so I'm nervous....

The church I attend puts together an annual Christmas musical production. This is complete with an originally written script, actors, stagehands, backstage managers, lighting people, sound & video techs, directors, soloists and a 60 member choir, a bomb-diggity church assistant that pays attention to every detail, costumers, hair & make-up people, and a green room with a food spread to die for @ each night's performance. I know I am probably missing a group of people and I apologize if I am.

But in all honesty, our church's sanctuary is not big enough for this type of production. Only through the grace of God do we manage to get it done.

This is our sixth year doing it. My fourth in being involved in some form or another. I have been a part of the writing team for the last three and got a small acting part several years ago. Since that time, I haven't managed to get another acting part due to the main director not wanting to lose me as a backstage manager. This year, however, I've been given a speaking part and it's alittle bigger than before (i.e. way more lines to memorize!!!). Although not as big as some others. I am also still helping direct and be a backstage manager. Don't ask me how I'm doing it...cause I don't know. LOL!!

My main point in this post is...

I am trying very hard to get over my fear of acting. Isnt' that funny!?? I love cold reading the script when we're writing and tweaking it. All who hear me say that I have a great reading voice and get into character. But it is way different when you are reciting lines and aware that if you don't say them correctly you can mess up someone's cue line as well as worry if someone is going to mess up your cue line. We have some FANTASTIC people in our church that can memorize lines very quickly and in turn act them out on stage with flair. They make it seem very easy. So WHY IN THE WORLD AM I HAVING SUCH A PROBLEM??? AARRRRGGHHHHH!! I know that I can do this because I can be a complete ham and can daydream/imagine like nobody's business!!

With that being said, we have roughly two weeks to go before opening night. I still have lines to memorize. *big grin* It will happen!! Only through Him, will it happen!! I will maintain focus.

Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it. ~ Mark Twain

If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to come check out the play. Let me know!

An Evening in December - Ephesus Baptis Church
A Story of Light
December 6th, 7th & 8th @ 7pm.

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