Wednesday, June 11, 2008

do ya want a little cheese with that WHINE!!!!????

Really nothing to write about today. Currently it is storming outside. So I sit here and wonder if the electricity will go off any second. LOL!!

I will say this. The last couple of weeks I've been really down about certain things and wondering why I wasn't getting any answers to prayers. Just the whole "please God talk to me thing". I sometimes feel like I am stupid or just really not in tune with Him to hear what He might be telling me. Well yesterday I received in my email, a daily devotional that had a message directed right at me!! You cannot even imagine how excited and emotional I got. And I had to praise Him and thank Him for it. He was telling me to wait and be patient. That He has things planned for me but I have to stop whining. (but I like to whhiiiinnnnneee). While this was something I really already knew, the message just seemed like it was directed at me and it was His way of talking to me and answering my prayers. So what I am saying your eyes, pay attention to all that is around you because He really really really does speak to you! Maybe it's just that you've been too busy whining to "hear" Him. LOL!!!

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